Oh, Canada!

  My topic is Canada because I love hockey and most kids in Canada play hockey. I will be writing about the hockey history, Niagara Falls, and pond hockey.

The most popular sport in Canada is ice hockey, and ice hockey has had a lot of history including the first team in NHL history. The Toronto Maple Leafs started in 1917, and were the first NHL  team. Wayne Gretzky was another big piece in NHL history. He was the leading scorer for the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, and the LA Kings. Dominik Hašek, a goalie for the Buffalo Sabers and the Detroit Redwings had a goals against average(GAA) of 2.2 which was really good in the 1970s.

Niagara Falls is a huge waterfall, between the state of New York and the Province of Ontario. It is about 167 ft tall. One interesting and fun thing to do is the Cave of the Winds. You put on a poncho and walk on a wooden deck very close to the waterfall.

Pond hockey is a form of ice hockey, and played on a natural body of water that is frozen ice in the winter. Pond hockey is something I dream about playing since my mom doesn’t let me do it. Hopefully I can go to Canada in the winter. Most professional hockey players grew up with pond hockey.

When I’m older I hope to go to Canada to see, and experience all of these things I wrote about. What about you?